Fortress Kufstein

Distance to the hotel: 32 km

The fortress of Kufstein is enthroned above the Tyrolian district capital. It is an conspicuous landmark and bears witness of the town’s turbulent past as a border town between Tyrol and Bavaria.

During the Habsburg period, Kufstein was repeatedly the subject of border disputes between Tyrol and Bavaria. However, the town was also a beneficiary as a border and customs post. At the end of the Middle Ages, Kufstein was considered an important transit and toll point thanks to carriage traffic and shipping on the Inn. The fortress of Kufstein was first mentioned inP 1205. In 1504, Emperor Maximilian I conquered the castle and had it expanded. Visitors can comfortably reach the fortress via a modern panorama cable car or a steep footpath. Kufstein Fortress houses a local history museum and the Heldenorgel (Hero Organ) in the Bürgerturm. The world's largest open-air organ is played daily over Kufstein in memory of all the victims of war and as a reminder of peace in the world. Today, the fortress is a popular venue for theatre and concert events and is the impressive backdrop to the annual Kufstein Operetta Summer.

Kufstein's old town with its narrow streets is lined with traditional Tyrolean houses. Another sight of the town is the Riedl glassworks, which has been in the family since 1756.

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