Hohe Tauern National Park/Mittersil

Distance to the hotel: 24 km

The Hohe Tauern National Park exists since 1981 and was the first national park in Austria. As the largest national park in the country, it covers large parts of the main central Alpine ridge of the Eastern Alps in the Hohe Tauern area. With an area of over 1800 km², it has shares in the provinces of Tyrol, Salzburg and Carinthia.

The National Park is characterised by extensive glacier fields, glacially formed valleys, mighty alluvial and mud cones, alpine grass and shrub heaths. Alpine forests with larches, spruces and stone pines can be found there as well. Some of the highest mountains in Austria, such as the Großglockner (3798 m) and the Großvenediger (3657 m), lie in the area of the national park. The National Park is accessed by one of the busiest crossings in the Alps, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, which crosses the area completely. Due to the differences in altitude and its location on the main ridge of the Alps, the fauna and flora of the national park is particularly diverse.

In the barrier-free National Park Worlds in Mittersill the visitor can experience under one roof the unique alpine world around Austria's highest peak, the 266 three-thousand-metre peaks, over 342 glaciers and one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. Just like on a hike through the National Park, the visitor gets to know and understand the extraordinary diversity of the park in ten experience stations in the National Park World.

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