Show mine Kupferplatte Jochberg

Distance to the hotel: 8 km

In Jochberg in the Kitzbühel Alps, copper ores were already being mined in the late Middle Ages. After its heyday in the 19th century, the Kupferplatte mine was shut down in 1929. At the end of the 1980s, the Grander family acquired the disused, abandoned mine. Together with the family, friends and volunteers, the shafts of the mine were painstakingly renovated and brought back to life after decades of slumber.

In 1990, the Kupferplatte exhibition mine was ceremoniously opened. Equipped with safety helmets, visitors travel "underground" in the mine train and are informed about various mining methods, tools and gallery installations. The copper plate enjoys a special position in mining history, as it is the only upright copper mine in Central Europe. This copper ore is mined in stories. Ten stations along the miners trail provide information about the local mining history.

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