Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Distance to the hotel: 77 km

In 1995 Swarovski Crystal Worlds were opened to markt e centennial anniversary of the company’s founding. Multemedia artist André Heller designed a unique and magical place.

The Crystal Worlds are an extraordinary place of art, fantasy and playfulness. A mighty giant guards the entrance to the Crystal World. He is surrounded by a 7.5-hectare garden landscape with numerous attractions. One of the highlights in the garden is the "Carousel" created by award-winning artist and designer Jaime Hayon. The centrepiece of the garden is the Crystal Cloud created by Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot. With a surface of around 1,400 square metres, it is the largest work of its kind in the world. The installation consists of 800,000 hand-mounted Swarovski crystals and floats above the black mirrored water. The realm of the Giant hosts a rich collection of precious items housed in 18 chambers. The chambers contain a wealth of art and treasures designed by some of the greatest artists of the modern age.

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