Wildlife Park Aurach

Distance to the hotel: 9 km

Wildpark Aurach celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022. In Tyrol’s the largest open-air enclosure with approx. 40 hectares, most of the animals can move freely. With sufficient safety distance, visitors can observe the animals without separating fences and watch them being fed. The inhabitants are mainly animal species that are native to the Alpine region. These include red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, lynx, eagle owls, ducks and many other animals. Exotic animals such as Tibetan yaks, alpacas or kangaroos provide a surprise.

In the petting barn, a large stable, visitors can experience a close up with ponies, llamas, sheep, donkeys, rabbits and guinea pigs. At fixed times, they can feed these animals together with the wildlife park staff. The "Wildspielpark" playground is another highlight for children at the Aurach Wildlife Park. Many different play and skill stations are related to an animal species from the wildlife park.

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