Winter in Kitzbühel

Imperial Winter delights

Kitzbühel is simply the capital of winter sports. After all, this is where skiing became what it is today. Who doesn’t dream of conquering Kitzbühel’s Streif track? No need to worry, there are plenty of slopes of various degrees of difficulty to go around. A run down on any of these tracks will be remembered as a moment of pride for a long time to come. A special profound experience is the ride through the deep snow, when the snow crystals trickle against one’s clothes and nature glitters in all its glory. Our establishment is literally at the foot of the mountain, so that you can happily launch and conclude your skiing adventure with us. 

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Enjoy the time before Christmas and visit the Kaiserhof -only 5 minutes walk to the Advent Market in the romantic old town of Kitzbühel. close
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